• Adrian Marcel- Raphael Saadiq Presents Weak After Next [2014]







    01. Ray Ray's Intro (Prod By Don Cannon)

    02. Go (Prod By J Kits)

    03. Honey Feat. Kelly Rowland (Prod By Raphael Saadiq)

    04. I Get It Feat. Casey Veggies (Prod By Robbie Anthem)

    05. Runnin (Prod By Vinylz)

    06. Love U Right (Prod By K Parn)

    07. Searching Feat. Raphael Saadiq & Snoop Dogg (Prod By Beet Roc & Raphael Saadiq)

    08. Mouri's Interlude (Prod By 10 4 Rog)

    09. No Way (Prod By K Parn FancyYancey)

    10. Call You Mine (Prod By DammoGPC)

    11. Feelings (Prod By Phoenix)

    12. Girls Love Beyonce (Prod By Noah 40 Shebib)

    13. New Niggas (Prod By K)

    14. It's Over (Prod By Raphael Saadiq & Beatroc)

    15. 2 Fingerz Feat. E 40 (Prod By Tha Bizness)

    16. Fly (Prod By Vinylz)   







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