• Elton John - The Muse (Film Score Composed And Performed By Elton John) [1999]








    Driving Home 1:50

    Driving To Universal 0:18

    Driving To Jack's 1:06

    Walk Of Shame 1:34

    Better Have A Gift 2:07

    The Wrong Gift 3:01

    The Aquarium 2:11

    Are We Laughing? 1:07

    Take A Walk With Me 1:30

    What Should I Do? 1:11

    Back To The Aquarium 0:54

    Steven Redecorates 2:43

    To The Guesthouse 0:50

    The Cookie Factory 0:54

    Multiple Personality 2:23

    Sarah Escapes 1:44

    Back To Paramount 0:44

    Meet Christine 1:33

    The Muse (Performed By Elton John) 4:23

    The Muse (Remixed By Jermaine Dupri) 4:21







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