• Elvis Presley - Speedway (Original Soundtrack Album) [1968]








    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Speedway 2:10

    –Elvis* And Nancy Sinatra There Ain't Nothing Lika A Song 2:06

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby 1:49

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Who Are You (Who Am I?) 2:32

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad 2:25

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Let Yourself Go 2:56

    –Nancy Sinatra Your Groovy Self 2:54

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Five Sleepy Heads 1:29

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Western Union 2:10

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Mine 2:36

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Goin' Home 2:23

    –Elvis* With The Jordanaires Suppose 2:01




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