• Few Good Men - A Thang For You [1994]








    Five Dollars (Interlude) 0:15

    A Lil' Somethin' 5:17

    Young Girl 5:20

    A Thang For You 4:58

    Please Baby Don't Cry (Interlude) 0:39

    Have I Never 5:36

    Will You Love Me Tomorrow 4:05

    A Good Man 5:30

    Chillin' 4:57

    That's The Way 4:31

    1-900-G-MAN (How I Say I Love You) 7:23

    Bankhead Mac Daddy (Interlude) 0:29

    Don't Cry (Behind My Back) 5:09

    Sexy Day 4:04

    Southern Girl 4:21

    Ten Dollars (Interlude) 1:01







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