• Fiend - Can I Burn? [2000]













    01. Intro

    02. Gone Get’m

    03. Lookwhutyallmademedo

    04. Long Change (Featuring Dat Bitch Bugsy)

    05. Welcome To (Featuring Ward Block)

    06. Come Thru (Featuring Big Ed)

    07. If I Had A Choice” (Featuring David Banner)

    08. How Long

    09. Ride With The Heat” (Featuring Ward Block)

    10. Everytime (Featuring B-Shype)

    11. Holla Back (Featuring Blak Water)

    12. Under D Influenclude

    13. Everywhere (Featuring Speedknot Mobstaz & Twista)

    14. D.R.U.G.S. (Featuring Untouchable & Duck)

    15. Life Ain’t Fare




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